AYNI DESIGN LAB is a sourcing agency and manufacturer functioning as
production office for a line of international fashion labels for which Ayni Design Lab holds the
production of knitwear made in Peru.

The agency advices the costumers regarding qualities and techniques for development of
samples and negotiate with the peruvian suppliers as well as perfoming quality control before
final export of the products.

All of our products and services are made following the principles and pratices of sustainable
and responsible production. Most of the products are handmade and all products are made
from peruvian materials by peruvian artisans.

About Us

Ayni Design Lab was founded in 2010 by Danish Laerke Skyum and Peruvian Adriana Cachay.

We offer consultancy and production services related to the setup and handling of garment manufactoring in Peru.

We are specialised in sustainable production of high quality knitwear design made made from materials of Peruvian origin such as the exclusive Alpaca fiber and the well known Pima cotton.

Through our experience, knowledge and extensive network in the Peruvian textile and garment industry, we are able to offer you a smooth and efficient entry to the attractive field of production in Peru.

We support brands and private labels in the process of design and collection construction, product development, sourcing for the right suppliers, price negotiation, production supervision, quality control and export of final products.

Our services are aimed at an incresing group of fashion and quality conscious labels looking for differentiated and value added products produced in a sustainable way following the standards of responsible supply chain management.

We constantly provide our customers with inspiration, news and trends regarding yarn and color cards, swatches and information of new techniques, patterns and yarn compositions according to tendencies and technology.
About Us
Company profile

Company profile

AYNI Design Lab is an independent company initially founded as a branch of the AYNI CORP.

We established the sourcing agency based on the evidence of a fast growing Peruvian economy enhancing new business opportunities and improving Peru’s profile as an attractive place to do business and invest.

We saw a growing interest and increased focus on the Peruvian primary material and production possibilities from other designers and fashion institutions followed by important political initiatives from the Peruvian government facilitating and encouraging export in the textile industry.

We decided to take advantage of our knowhow and experience of product development and garment production as well as extended professional local and international network gained through more than 10 year of experience doing business in Peru and facilitating trade relations.
Company profile


At AYNI Design Lab we believe that business and growth can go hand in hand with a sustainable development for all parties involved in the conduct and value chain.

The fashion and textile industry has a great social, economic and environmental impact on our planet, population and society and we thereby hold a great responsibility of managing and developing the Industry and business in a conscience way.

As the link between the suppliers and buyers it is our job and responsibility to assure a clear communication and inform both parties of the functions, activities and capabilities of the other and assure transparency throughout the value chain.

At AYNI Design Lab we encourage to responsible supply chain management through the promotion of local labor work and focus on hand-crafted products. An important factor is the use of natural materials of Peruvian origin such as the alpaca and the pima cotton. This way we keep the complete value chain in Peru and promote export of finished value added products.