What we offer you

  1. Creativity and innovation

  2. Personalised customer service for full package solutions.

  3. Quality assurance with high standard quality control.

  4. Short and flexible lead times for handmade garments.

  5. Miami warehouse facilitates deliveries to clients.

  6. Personalised research and selection of suitable workshops and suppliers.

  7. Negotiation with workshops and factories regarding prices and terms & conditions to suit our client’s needs. Quotations at competitive market price considering clients target and product characteristics.

  8. Consultancy in garment design, product development and advice on the use of Peruvian primary materials and their specific characteristics.

  9. Control and supervision of the production process, starting from the selection of raw materials to the final packing and shipping.

  10. Handling of orders, payments, and more on behalf of our client.

  11. Constant research and innovation of new qualities, and improvements of the overall production process.