What we offer you

  • Skillful craftsmanship with Peruvian textile tradition dating back more than 5000 years.
  • Endless inspiration from the Peruvian cultural heritage and our broad experience within knitwear.
  • Exclusive, high-quality materials such as alpaca and Pima cotton as well as organic and native cotton and attractive blends.
  • Storytelling and high impact value chain.
  • Focus on circularity, durability, timeless design and no waste policy.
  • Production that supports economic and social impact in Peru generating jobs and protecting cultural heritage.
  • Flexible and fast lead time.
  • International, English, Spanish, danish speaking highly qualified and service-minded team.
  • Full package solutions helping you from design idea to finished garment and production including export.
  • Great quality – price relation and favorable terms with free trade agreements and certificate of origin.


Free-trade economy

Peru has an open trade and market access policy and duty-free for exports to all major international markets. Peru's macro economy frame is one of the most stable in the region and offers an attractive investment climate.

Location and production

Peru is located in the center of South America, a strategic center point for logistics and trade. The country is rich in resources and can therefore offer a finished product by controlling the complete value chain. Ability to produce garments and textiles of high added value, skilled labor work and flexible production capacity.

Materials & export leaders

The textile industry is one of the leading exporters of non-added value products and articles of high quality and worth. Excellent tradition in jersey and knitwear production with Pima cotton and alpaca which have been produced for several major successful brands around the world.