Our Services

AYNI Design Lab offers consultancy and production services related to the setup and handling of garment manufactoring in Peru.

We are specialised in sustainable production of high quality knitwear design made from materials of Peruvian origin such as the exclusive Alpaca fiber and the well known Pima cotton.

Through our experience, knowledge and extensive network in the Peruvian textile and garment industry, we are able to offer you a smooth and efficient entry to the attractive field of production in Peru.

We support brands and private labels in the process of design and collection construction, product development, sourcing for the right suppliers, price negotiation, production supervision, quality control and export of final products.

Our services are aimed at an increasing group of fashion- and quality-conscious labels looking for differentiated and value added products produced in a sustainable way following the standards of responsible supply chain management.

We constantly provide our customers with inspiration, news and trends regarding yarn and color cards, swatches and information of
new techniques, patterns and yarn compositions according to tendencies and technology.




1. Interpretation of specs and style set-up from designers and guidance in selection of quality, yarn count, knit point and technique. We are specialized in handknit, handloom and women garments.

2. Control and supervision of the production process, from selection of raw materials to final packing and shipping.

3. Handling of orders, production or import of trimmings, payments, logistics etc.

4. Consultancy assitance in garment design and the use of peruvian primary materials and their characteristics, benefits and competitive advantages.

5. Assistance in the process of design and development of samples for other design companies.

6. Fast and clear communication in several languages, short lead
time, differentiated products and value added production conditions with a story behind the product and sustainability in the production chain.

7. Experienced and professional team with a broad knowlegde of the industry and extensive data base of suppliers.

8. Qualified and certified artisans/suppliers. We are ISO 9001
certified and is also the first certification center for labour
qualifications within the fields of handknit techniques authorized
by the ministry of employment.

9. Inspirational material for design and development constantly
informing our clients of new techniques, qualities and knitpoints.
Our design team can prepare inspirational packages with swatches,
colorcards and samples upon request.





Peru has a vertically integrated industry, with a high level of know how, high standard of working conditions and favorable legal framework.

Peru is associated with high quality products, skilled labor work and certified craftsman- ship.

Peru is recognised as a sustainable and responsible origin for production. Furthermore the cultural heritage, ancient textile traditions and craftmanship is an attractive factor for labels who wish to add value to their products and follow the practices of fair trade.


Peru has an open trade and market access policy, duty free for exports to all major international markets.



Located in the center of south america, peru is strategic center point and hub for logistics and trade.



Peru has favorable working conditions and protective labor policies and is rec- ognised as a sustainable and responsible origin for production. Furthermore the cultural heritage, ancient textile traditions and craftmanship is an attractive factor for labels who wish to add value to their products and follow the practices of fair trade.


4.     ECONOMY

Peru’s economy is one of the most solid in the region and the world and has an attractive investment climate.



High production capacity and flexibility in the ability to produce garments and textiles of high added value, skilled labor work.



Peru is the primary producer of the famoous pima cotton and exclusive alpaca fiber. the country holds excellent tradition in jersey and knitwear production at competitive prices for mid-high segment.

Produces for several major successful brands around the world using the peruvian primary materials. Apart from the natural primary materials you also find natural and sustainable dying methods and processing of the fibers and garments.