The word AYNI is Quechua and directly translated it means “today for you – tomorrow for me” and reflects the importance of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

It all began with a common interest of doing responsible business, which could contribute to sustainable development for all parties involved in the value chain.

We (Adriana and Laerke) started the fashion brand “AYNI” in 2008, promoting Danish Design made in Peru by Peruvian artisans and using Peruvian materials such as pima cotton and alpaca.




The ambition of AYNI Design Lab is to put the climate impact of clothing manufacturing on the agenda in the fashion industry.

AYNI Design Lab will reduce the climate impact of its own operations and throughout the entire value chain as much as possible. This will be done in addition to the initiatives already taken within environment and occupational health and safety, that AYNI Design Lab implements in collaboration with its main manufacturer in Bolivia.

AYNI Design Lab’s main manufacturer supplies 95% of our total production, which covers the entire chain of production from the raw fibers to the finished product.








Recently AYNI Design Lab has also created a vocational certification center for knitters who work with alpaca wool. Previously no diploma existed in knitting, although it is ademanding skill.

With the certification given by AYNI CERTIFY, the knitters get anevaluation and recognition of their professional competency.

They need to pass a test of five different units, testing different levels of their theoretical and practical skills. For this project, we have worked together with the Ministry of Employment and each certificate issued by AYNI CERTIFY has previously been approved by the Ministry of Employment.